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CPD finance online courses e-Learning CPD for accountants

Online management, finance and business courses to suit your learning needs, budget and schedule. As well as the merit of their content, courses can count as structured & verified, CPE / CPD for accountants.

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CPD finance online courses e-Learning CPD for accountants

The concept of e-Learning has been around for quite some time. Like many technologies e-Learning got a lot of attention during the dot com days, and like many technologies, it has quietly matured since the intense spotlight of those days faded. e-Learning has been steadily becoming more user-friendly and accessible.

e-Learning is no longer purely in the domain of large corporate bodies with huge training budgets (if such organisations even exist any more) or educational institutions with eager students willing to impress with their technical ability.


Investigating e-Learning

When any organisation investigates e-Learning for the first time they face two main generic issues:

  • Content (Courses), and
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Everything else is either hype or specific to your organisation.



The most important factor is content and where to get it. You can develop it yourself or source it from a number of content providers.

For organisation specific content, we can help you in the development process and cut your learning curve and lead time by sharing what we have learned along the way.

For content from outside sources we can identify the various providers, analyse the appropriateness of their content to your organisation and make a deal with them on your behalf. We can even host their content for you and save you the IT infrastructure costs involved with implementing your own LMS.


Learning Management Systems

The first question any organisation should ask is - can I get away without one? If you can, do. If not, then you have some choices:

Open Source – Open Source LMS’ are effectively free, some are excellent, but you are on your own if something goes seriously wrong. They are often designed with tutor led training in mind. They often have a community feel to them and are usually supported by very dedicated users willing to advise you.

Low Cost – There are a few of these worth considering, we can point you in their direction and even implement one for you.

High End – This appears to be the busiest space in the LMS market place. They have all the bells and whistles and a price tag to match. If you are going this direction we can investigate and analyse the different offerings for you.


Starting Off

When investing in e-Learning for your organisation the key factors influencing your decision on your LMS are:

  • Your chosen content provider or development tools
  • The number of users and the number of courses you will have

Start with making the decision on content and work backwards. 

If you know what kind of content you will be using, you can see if it works “out of the box” or if your chosen LMS will require customisation.


Hosted Solutions versusPurchase Options

Having certainty in the number of users and the number of courses makes the decision on your Learning Management System a lot easier. 

If the number of users and the number of courses you intend to offer them are low, considering one of the many hosted LMS solutions is a good idea. These take the burden of all the technical work off you and charge you per user and/or number of courses. For larger numbers of users/courses the cost of hosted solutions can become prohibitive very quickly.


Throughout this process you will hear a lot about standards, particularly SCORM and AICC. Beware, just because a course, development tool or LMS states or indicates it meets one or both of these standards they may not all work well together. You really won’t be sure until you test or have us test for you.


One relatively new form of e-Learning is the Webinar. Webinars are live conferences over the internet. They may have any of the following features - video, audio, slides, screen sharing, chat, polling and quizzes. They may or may not integrate into an LMS. Many of the issues addressed above hold equally true for Webinars. We can help you select the best vendor for your Webinar solution.

Contact Us

We hope you found this overview helpful. If you wish to progress your organisation’s e-Learning strategy in an efficient and timely manner, be sure to contact us. We can help.

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