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CPD finance online courses e-Learning CPD for accountants

Online management, finance and business courses to suit your learning needs, budget and schedule. As well as the merit of their content, courses can count as structured & verified, CPE / CPD for accountants.

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Questions about purchasing courses through the website

Do I need to have or get a PayPal account to buy a course?

No. You can pay with Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Discovery OR PayPal.

What currencies can I pay in? / How do I pay in a currency other than Euro?

Currently we can accept payment in EURO, UK£ or US$. When you register on the site for the first time you select your desired currency from the drop down menu.

How are credit card transactions processed?

cpdwise.com never sees your credit card details. We use PayPal to process credit card transactions. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase a course on cpdwise.com, it works like any other online payments system.

You will receive an e-mail from PayPal confirming the transaction. This is just a confirmation and NEVER requires a response.

Do I get a receipt for my purchase on cpdwise.com?

Any member making a purchase on cpdwise.com can get a receipt for their transaction(s) at any time by logging into their account and clicking on “Receipts”.

Anyone booking a place on a training calendar event will receive a confirmation e-mail (members will also get a receipt).

Why does VAT (The Irish equivalent of Sales Tax) look so complicated and how does it work?

What you need to do…
If you are a member of cpdwise.com, when in the shopping cart only fill in a VAT number if you have one and are from an EU country other than Ireland. The system will work out the VAT for you. You will see the final total before you are prompted for your credit card details.

For your information…
All EU countries operate similar rules for charging VAT for services delivered over the Internet. In practice it is quite simple, but just takes a little getting used to. Here is how it works.

The rate of VAT for all purchases of online courses on this web site is generally 23%. Depending on your place of residence and on whether or not you are in business we may or may not have to charge you VAT. Once you provide your address and VAT number (if applicable) when ordering our system will automatically know whether or not the transaction is liable for VAT. Below is a summary of when we are obliged to charge VAT.

Country VAT %
  Consumers (non VAT Registered) Individuals VAT Registered Businesses
Outside the EU No Irish VAT No Irish VAT
EU (other than Ireland) 23% 0%
Ireland 23% 23% *

* Of course, if you are registered for VAT you reclaim the VAT.

If you are ordering an offline event from our training calendar, VAT is charged at 0%.

Questions about cpdwise.com courses and CPD

Do cpdwise.com courses count as structured CPE/CPD?



They are and here is why.

The professional bodies listed on this site in NO way restrict who provides you with your CPD. They are much more focused on ensuring that you benefit professionally from the CPD that you do.

To be considered CPD a learning activity must benefit you professionally in your current role or in meeting your career aspirations.

To be considered structured or verifiable CPD evidence that you completed the activity must be retained, generally for at least three years.

cpdwise.com provides the evidence that you completed the learning activity, by producing a certificate on completion of each individual course. This certificate is generated by our Learning Management System only after the course is completed and provides satisfactory evidence of your participation in the learning activity for the course to be considered verified.

So in answer to the question are cpdwise.com courses structured CPD? Yes cpdwise.com courses are structured and verified CPD as long as they are off benefit to you professionally.

More info for ACCA and ICAEW members.

Questions about courses

I have purchased a course. How do I access it?

Once you have completed the purchasing process, your course is immediately available to you. Click “continue shopping”, and you will be brought to your home page which contains a list of courses you are registered for. Each time you log into your account all the courses you are registered for will be listed here. Just click on the link with the course name.

Why is there a date beside the name of each course on my home page?

This date refers to the date when your access to the course expires. Once this date passes you will no longer be able to use that particular course. The length of time you will have access to the course for is clearly indicated prior to purchase.

Do I have to complete my course in one session?

No, you can complete your course in as many sessions as you like. Even after you have completed your course it will remain in your account for you to revisit as many times as you like until its expiry date.

How many chances do I get to answer the "test yourself" questions at the end of each course?

As many as you require. Feedback will be provided if you get an answer incorrect.

Is it possible to extend the length of time I can access a course I have subscribed to?

The length of time you have access to your course is clearly indicated in the course description. It is not possible to extend this as it would require cpdwise.com renegotiating with content providers.

Questions about certificates

What records of my learning activity are maintained for future reference?

Once an online course is completed a certificate of completion is issued. These are easily accessible any time you are logged in.

Other Questions

Can I link my website to cpdwise.com?

Yes, we would be delighted to have as many links as possible to this web site as long as the linking website does not contain offensive content.

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