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CPD finance online courses e-Learning CPD for accountants

Online management, finance and business courses to suit your learning needs, budget and schedule. As well as the merit of their content, courses can count as structured & verified, CPE / CPD for accountants.

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Personalised CPD

  • Would you like your CPD to be focused only on matters that are specifically relevant to you and your career?
  • Would you like your CPD to be delivered by a real person speaking only with you over the phone or SKYPE at a time of your choosing?

Your CPD provider

If so, cpdwise.com can help by providing personalised CPD training / consultations with Diarmuid O'Donovan FCCA.


  • Diarmuid is a qualified accountant FCCA.
  • He is very familiar with business strategy both practically and academically.
  • With 20 years experience he has been in many positions which have required him to navigate businesses through good times and bad.
  • He is very aware of the conflicting demands of family and work.
  • He is entrepreneurial having started cpdwise.com and been involved other businesses from their inception.
  • He has a good understanding of using information technology, the web and social media for business and networking.
  • He was elected to the International Assembly of ACCA for 3 consecutive 2 year terms.
  • He was ACCA Ireland President for 2013/2014.

CPD Content

Most accountancy bodies have similar rules for what constitutes CPD. The ACCA website sets out what can be CPD, specifically it says:

CPD… – "is not just about attending face-to-face courses. For instance, coaching, mentoring, e-learning, networking, discussion groups, working on committees or panels, learning at work, reading, and undertaking research are just some of the other ways in which you can find development opportunities. The important point to remember is that the learning must be relevant to your current role or career aspirations".

Clearly the cpdwise personalised CPD service falls within the above parameters.

Under the heading of “Setting your CPD objectives” the ACCA web site states: "No matter what route your career has taken, it is important to consider non-technical skills. You may wish to pursue learning in business management, personal effectiveness, leadership and strategy or IT. ACCA recognises activity within all of these areas and more - what is important is that your learning is relevant to you."

The cpdwise personalised CPD service could be for you if you wish to explore and develop your business management, personal effectiveness, leadership and strategy or IT competencies.


cpdwise.com will maintain sufficient records to ensure the time you devote on personalised CPD with cpdwise.com constitutes structured / verified CPD units for your professional accountancy body.


Every thing discussed during personalised CPD sessions is guaranteed confidential.

How it works

  1. Training / consultations are generally provided in sessions of 1 hour.
  2. All you need is a telephone (landline) or preferably SKYPE.
  3. Session times are agreed at time of booking. Generally it would be advisable to space sessions out over time.
  4. Rescheduling is possible with reasonable notice (normally 24 hours).

Next Steps

Contact cpdwise.com to discuss what is best for you and book a session.


cpdwise.com personalized CPD is a collaborative process, discussions do not constitute advice but a learning process.

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