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Business Finance CPD Online Course Description

Injuries Board Claims - The Inside Track


Injury Board Claims – The Inside Track Online Course


This one hour course gives valuable information on the operation of the injuries board as far as client claims are concerned.  This will help you increase the benefit you bring to your client with their claim. It will also count as 1 hour of your CPD requirements.



Course Objectives

  • To bring Legal Practitioners up to date with the latest information on the Injuries Board.
  • To give those who don’t practice in this area some idea of what is involved.

Course Topics

  • Why the Injuries Board was established.
  • Insider tips to help Solicitors.
  • Stages of Injuries Board claims.
  • Recent changes at the Injuries Board.
  • Insurance Companies and the Injuries Board report.
  • What happens after the application is lodged and accepted.
  • The updated situation with children's cases.
  • How the Board assesses claims where the claimant has multiple injuries.
  • The main bottlenecks that hold up the settlement of claims.
  • From beginning to end how long claims should take.
  • A run down of important dates and time limits.
  • The book of Quantum.
  • s51(a) and (b).
  • If the settlement amount can be increased after a settlement is issued.
  • Statistics on the Injuries Board.
  • What is a fair fee charge for running an Injury Board claim.
  • Cases of deceased defendants.
  • How to lodge a claim if the 2 year limit is about to expire.
  • Categories of excluded injuries claims.
  • Claims for assault and abuse.
  • Difficulty vouching the loss of earnings claim.
  • Why so many claims go to Court Action.
  • Going to the High Court.
  • To send a medical with the Form A or not.
  • Penalties for fraudulent claims.
  • Deciding to send the client to Insurance Company medicals.
  • Contributory negligence.
  • The % of assessments accepted.
  • Areas in need of reform.
  • Final tips.

Target Audience


Solicitors, Barristers, Accountants, Managers, other professionals and businesspeople.


The Presenter

Michael Monahan Michael Monahan Solicitor


Michael Monahan Solicitor has dealt with Injury Board claims since the start of the system in 2004. He is the author of the forth coming book Injury Board Claims Made Simple – A guide to injured parties how the system works and how to benefit from it.


Course Production Team

This course is jointly produced by Michael Monahan (Solicitor) and Diarmuid O'Donovan FCCA (cpdwise.com).

Michael Monahan
Michael Diarmuid


Course Format


Audio: This course has audio throughout.

Slides: Slides are shown throughout the course.

Handouts: Copies of the slides can be downloaded from within the course.

Q&A: During this course Diarmuid asks and Michael answers a series of questions about the workings of the Injuries Board.

Certificate: A certificate is produced the first time you complete the course. The date on the certificate will remain the date you first completed the course no matter how many times you subsequently go back over the course.


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