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Business Finance CPD Online Course Description

Market Abuse (Europe)

Market Abuse (Europe) online course

On completion of this tutorial, you will be able to: 

  • outline the purpose and scope of the market abuse regime
  • describe the types of abusive behavior
  • insider dealing and market manipulation
  • recognised by law and regulation
  • understand your obligations not to involve yourself in such behaviour and  to report any reasonable suspicions you have of market abuse by others
  • recognise the potential consequences of a breach of these requirements 

Tutorial Overview : It is in the interests of everyone that markets in financial instruments operate cleanly and fairly. Anyone who has access to unpublished, price-sensitive information about a listed company or financial instrument potentially has an unfair advantage over other market participants. They are therefore prohibited by law and regulation from taking advantage of that information to make profits or avoid losses for themselves or others. Anyone who does anything that gives a false or misleading impression about the value or demand for a financial instrument may be guilty of manipulating the market, which is also prohibited by law and regulation.  This tutorial is intended to introduce you to, or remind you of, your obligations under the EU's Market Abuse Directive (MAD). It describes the relevant issues and includes past examples of market abuse which have lead to enforcement actions within Europe. 

Prerequisite Knowledge : No prior knowledge is assumed for this tutorial.  

Tutorial Level : Introductory

Tutorial Duration : 75 mins

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